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Daily Mail 18 July 2013

Catholic chemist working at Boots ‘accused young woman of plotting chemical abortion when she picked up morning after pill’

The following comment was posted to this article at about 8.35am
For gods sake, it’s not an abortion pill and will not work if you are already pregnant. It tells your body not to release an egg.  – Twoofcups, Houston, United States, 17/7/2013 19:37  And if the egg has already been released how would the morning after pill work?  The MAP works in three ways; to prevent ovulation (as Twoofcups says); to stop the sperm from reaching the egg if it has been released; or to prevent the fertilised egg (newly created baby) from implanting in the womb by making the lining of the womb hostile as conception takes place in the fallopian tube.  This is the same way as the normal oral contraceptive pill works except the MAP is at least 50 times as strong as the normal OCP is.   But then those seeking the MAP or OCP don’t really want to know how it works, just so long as there is no baby at the end.


Daily Mail 16 July 2013

The ultrasound scanner that plugs into a SMARTPHONE and could revolutionise medical care in third world countries

The following comment was just uploaded to this article at 9.09am.
Brilliant piece of technology.  Every doctor’s surgery and hospital or medical  clinic worldwide should have one.  In fact every individual doctor or medic with a smart phone should have one, and it should be used before any girl or woman is allowed to have an abortion so that she can see her growing baby inside her.  It will also show if she is carrying twins.  In the UK scans are not often carried out on women who are seeking to kill their baby by abortion but this would mean that everyone has a scan first.  And if, as in some states in the USA, there is a beating heart then there is no abortion allowed.


Daily Mail 23 June 2013

Should every mother have the test that could eliminate Down’s syndrome? As first pregnant British women use new risk-free form of screening, fears grow it could spark a spate of abortions

I submitted the following addtional comment to this article at 3.10pm.

Dr Bryan Beattie said ‘Far fewer mums to be will then need to have an amniocentesis and it will therefore save precious lives.’  I believe all babies lives are precious, not just the ones that the mothers choose to keep.  How dare he suggest that disabled people’s lives are not precious, born or unborn!!


Daily Mail 7 June 2013

New Down’s syndrome blood test which can reliably detect if an unborn baby has genetic condition is to go on trial at two hospitals

I submitted the following additional comment to this article at 2.545pm.
A fetus is not yet a child so let’s not talk about “killing childen”. If I unexpectedly had a baby with Down, of course I would love it and fight for its rights. But if I have an early choice available to me, I would not knowingly bring it into the world due to the impact on the child and our whole family. (BTW, also more resources are left for the care of actual living disabled people. I work in the field of disability rights.)  Damascena – 13.45.  First – a fetus is a unborn child whether you like it or not.  Secondly, you are only able to fight for disabled rights because these people are alive and were not killed whilst still in the womb.  It is disgraceful that anyone should wish the disabled were not born and then goes on to work with the very people you wished were not alive.  And an unborn baby is not an ‘it’ but a him or her.   Please stop trying to dehumanise the unborn.

Down’s syndrome blood test that can reliably detect if an unborn baby has condition to go on trial

I submitted the following comment to this article at 9.30am.

And the solution to the problem should it be deemed positive is still to kill the unborn child.  In this age of equality for all, including the disabled, shouldn’t we also be offering the equal right to life for all children, and support them and their family for whatever needs they have, once they are born.  That is the loving solution.  What does this seek and destroy mentality show to those already born with this condition, other than we missed you when you were in the womb – you shouldn’t be here.   Killing an unborn child for whatever reason never solves any problems but only creates more.


Daily Mail 3 May 2013

I have just submitted the following comment to this article at 12.47pm.

When are the powers that be going to admit that the rise in estrogen levels skyrockets when a woman has an abortion and the breast cells that had begun to differentiate to produce milk for when the baby is born, are suddenly stopped in mid-track and are more likely to become cancerous at a later date?  I see the contraceptive pill is being acknowledged as a possibility but it is the 500 a day abortions in the UK that is really causing the problems.  It is now about 1 in 3 or 4 women in the UK who have had an abortion so of course the number of breast cancer diagnoses has been on the rise since the 1967 Abortion Act. I will be surprised if this comment is published as so often my comments are not.


Daily Mail 6 April 2012

D & X Abortions?

I have submitted the following response to this article at 8.55 pm.  I will be surprised if it appears.

This goes on wherever D&X Abortions are carried out – check out online if you want to really find out what happens when full term babies are killed by abortion in this manner, and why.  Thankfully D& X Abortions are banned in this country (UK) but sadly not in many other countries.  And please DM, print my comment – most of my comments don’t get printed.


This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 23 March 2012

One in 5 clinics ‘flouting law over abortion on demand’: Crackdown ordered after some doctors agree to gender-preference terminations

My comment “The only way to stamp out bad practice in abortion clinics is to stop the killing of children by abortion, which if this isn’t bad practice, I don’t know what is.” was posted at 12.25pm.


This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 4 January 2012

Facebook apologises for deleting DIY abortion how-to in latest censorship row

I submitted the following comment at 12.15pm on 5 Janaury:
“And hasn’t the Daily Mail just given this ‘free advice’ out on killing unborn children by this method?  We all need to be responsible for our actions and their consequences, including journalists!”


This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 29 December 2011

100 babies a year aborted by IVF mums who don’t want multiple pregnancies

My comment below appears at 10.38am:

So, women who are so desperate to have a baby go through the trauma of IVF treatment, agreeing to or even insisting that more than one embryo is introduced to her womb to give her a greater chance for at least one to implant and then, once pregnant, she then decides that she only wants to carry one child and not multiple babies. So she then chooses selective reduction, killing her surplus child/ren. I am sorry, but I am finding it very, very hard to understand the mentality of anyone who could do this. It is such a very sad reflection of today’s Godless society where life has become so cheap that even so-called desperately wanted babies can be killed – for what? Not only has the mother chosen that her child/ren should die, but that doctors, who are supposed to ‘first do no harm’ encourage this action. How much is this costing, not just in monetary terms, but in physical, mental, social and spiritual terms? Whatever happened to the sanctity of life, including the unborn?


This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 7 September 2011

Abortion services keep the right to give advice on terminations after Commons vote

The following comment was added at about 7.15pm

If everyone used the term ‘killing a child by abortion’ instead of just ‘abortion’ then there would be no need for counselling as women and young girls would be faced with the truth of what they are proposing to do.

This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 5 September 2011.

Depression in women doubles since the 1970s as they ‘try to have it all’

The following comment was added at about 10am.

So the rates of depression suffered by women that have risen since the 70s has nothing to do with the number of women that have killed their children by abortion and are actually suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome)? It is strange that this is the time when The Abortion Act (1967) was implemented in this country. Why didn’t the researchers take this into account when looking at the reasons for the higher rates of stress in women? It is not just women who are more stressed by this but the whole of society as we live in a schizophrenic atmosphere where it is acceptable to kill unborn children but not acceptable to kill born children. Is it any wonder the stress rates are not even higher? The medical profession still refuse to accept that PTSD and PAS exist so what chance has anyone of overcoming this dreadful condition they are suffering from?


This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 1 September 2011.

Women who have abortions ‘face double the risk of mental health problems’

The following comment was submitted at about 10.05am – it will be interesting to see if it appears.
I know the mental/emotional harm that the killing of a baby by abortion can cause from personal experience, and from helping others in the same position over the last 25 years.  My own experience took place in 1972 and it took 11 years of guilty silence before I was able to admit it to anyone.
The majority of society is in denial when it closes it eyes to the killing of unborn children, yet is up in arms when a born child is killed.  The mother of the first knows she deserves punishment for killing her child, the killer of the second rightly is punished by society when they are found, tried and convicted.
Mothers that miscarry are encouraged to grieve the death of their child; mothers who kill their child by abortion are told to get on with their lives as it was their choice.
What mother wouldn’t suffer mentally when society chooses to say it is okay to kill your unborn child but not okay to kill your born child?
Please see May Blossom Ministries website for further information.


This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 1 August 2011.

Women’s cancer toll is blamed on UK lifestyle as one in four will develop the disease in their lifetime

I have submitted the following article (about 9.30am) but will be very surprised if it is published.

“A main reason for breast cancer, which governments are still not prepared to admit, is abortion, especially if it is the woman’s first pregnancy.  This is due to the breast cells that have begun to differentiate into mammary gland cells being abruptly stopped when the pregnancy is artificially terminated early on in pregnancy.  As the number of abortions are rising, so the incidence of breast cancer is rising.  Statistics show that 1 in 3 women will have had an abortion which is more than reflected with the 4 in 10 women that will get breast cancer in the article.”


This article on Abortion Statistics appeared in the Guardian Newspaper (on-line) on 24 May 2011.


This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 4 February 2011.

One in eight women will get breast cancer as lifestyle blamed for huge rise in cases

One of the links to the rise of breast cancer not mentioned in the article is the killing of, in particular, the first child by abortion.  During a full term pregnancy the breast cells change to become milk producing cells, but if this pregnancy is stopped abruptly, especially in the first three months, then the cells do not get the opportunity to fully change and so can become cancerous in later life.
The rise of breast cancer has risen along with the rise of the numbers of babies killed by abortions, and the hormones that are in contraceptives
See our website United for Life where there is an article that explains this further.


This article appeared in the Daily Mail on 28 January 2011.

Abortion ‘does not increase risk of mental health problems… but having a baby does’

My comment did not appear as I forgot to copy it in my haste to be the first to comment.  There are still no comments, so I will comment now.
The figures taken to ‘prove’ that having a baby is more likely to cause mental health risks than killing a child by abortion are false as they only show women who are actually hospitalised.  If every woman who ever suffered from Post Abortion Syndrome, the name given to those with mental health problems following their child being killed by abortion, asked to be admitted to hospital, then the NHS would collapse overnight.
Women hide the pain through suppression and denial and it may not be until years later when something triggers the pain and breaks the denial that they may realise there is a problem.  Or they just know there is a problem but do not feel able to discuss it as it was their ‘choice’ to kill their child and the law says it is legal so why should they have a problem.  The issues are so very deep, but whilst many women do suffer following the birth of a baby they get help as it recognised that ‘post-natal depression’ is a genuine illness.  The medical profession still refuse to accept that women suffer following the death of their child by abortion and so the women have to suffer in silence.
Please visit our site May Blossom Ministries for help if you or someone you know is suffering in any way from the death of a child by abortion.

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