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Daily Mail 3 June 2013

Queen’s holy oath at her coronation would be broken by gay marriage law, says senior clergyman

The following comment was submitted to this Daily Mail article at 9.46am.  I do not know if it will be published.

Too late.  The Queen sadly signed into law the 1967 Abortion Act thus breaking the sixth Commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’.  In the UK there have been about eight million unborn babies killed by abortion since then and the numbers continue to rise daily by about 500.  Then the UK exported this ‘health care’ provision to other nations so sadly, the Queen is accountable to God for the shed blood of millions more children who were never given the chance of life outside the womb.  Now the same sex marriage bill, should it come into law, will mean the UK will be even more under the judgement of the Lord God than we have been in the last forty six years.  In fact, the Queen must have signed into law the legalising of homosexuality which in the Bible is abhorrent to the Lord God, so whilst the Queen may have promised to uphold the Laws of God it looks as though her Governments over the years have forced her to break that promise.

Daily Mail 4 April 2012

Could a Father not marry his Son?

I have submitted the following response twice to this article but it has not been published (15.27pm and 16.11pm):

When you consider that our marriage laws are based on Biblical principles it will not be long after ‘gay’ marriages are allowed will they then turn to the question as to who they can and cannot marry and all Biblical laws will be discarded.  We have already discarded so many Biblical laws and concepts – worship on a day (Sunday) that is not the Sabbath given at creation; creation itself has been done away with and replaced with evolution; do not kill (over 500 babies are killed by abortion each day in the UK); do not commit adultery;  do not divorce; homosexuality is abhorrent to God (both gay and lesbian); so what is one more Biblical law that can be discrarded by the secular world?  Jeremey Irons is correct that the notion of same sex marriage may well lead to a father marrying his son, for the very reason he gives – that men having sex is a sterile act and does not and can not lead to breeding.


Daily Mail – 17 April 2011

Persecuted for His Cross

I have just submitted the following response to this article.

By the way the company are treating Mr Atkinson there is no way anyone can think the company might be Christian – we all now know they definitely are anti-Christian, so he should be allowed to keep displaying the cross.  Actions speak louder than words and the company’s actions are certainly not tolerant towards Christians or Christianity.  I am deeply offended that the company should even suggest that the Palm Cross be removed.


Daily Mail – 9 March 2011

Explicit Sex Materials in Schools

I have just submitted the following response to this article.

I was under the impression that all sex education was equally disgusting, crude and explicit without any moral teaching, and that it has become so well established in the secondary schools over the last decade or so, the ‘powers that be’ now want to introduce their vile teachings and indoctrinations to ever younger children.

I am sure most youngsters who have had sex education in school would not be comfortable discussing what and how they have been taught with their parents, which is exactly what these ‘experts’ aimed to achieve.  Secrecy thrives in the schools around sex education, whatever the age of the child, including the handing out of condoms, pills and referring for abortions without the parent’s knowledge and/or consent.

Wake up Britain, this has been going on for years but parents thought that as it was Government sanctioned then it must be alright.  All parents of school age children should find out exactly what is being taught to their children, by whom and how.


Daily Mail – 9 March 2011

David Cameron on Christianity and Fostering

Well, if anyone was in any doubt what the UK has descended into, please see this article.

This shows that David Cameron openly admits that, in his opinion, the court was right in refusing to allow a Christian couple to foster because of their Christian Biblical views on homosexuality.  The couple, Mr and Mrs Owen and Eunice Johns  had fostered for many years and taken a break and were re-applying again.  It shows how times have changed as once they were deemed suitable as foster parents but in today’s so called tolerant society the State are not being tolerant towards them, and by implication, no other Christians.

It was Christians undertaking their Christian duty of care and concern for others that first began the concept of looking after children either through adoption or fostering long before the State took over.

Is it to be assumed that now the State will start re-assessing all foster parents, especially if they are on record as being Christian, and revoke their permission to foster again?  Will this lead to any Christian in the future being barred from fostering or adopting?

Mentioned in the article is the story about Christian Bed and Breakfast owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull who refused to allow a homosexual couple to share a double bed as it is their policy stated clearly on their website that no unmarried couples, including hetrosexual couples, can have a double room.  The B&B is Mr and Mrs Bull’s own home that they run as a small business to make some income in their retirement.  The homosexual couple were offered alternative accommodation within the B&B but they refused.  However the homosexual men then took Mr and Mrs Bull to court where the Judge found in favour of the homosexual men and Mr and Mrs Bull were ordered to pay compensation to the them.

It now seems that Christian B&B owners must now allow anybody into their homes irrespective of their Christian views and values or be forced to close down.  Many people feel that this was a set-up by the homosexual lobby to force Christians to accept their actions as ‘normal’.

Sadly all of the three main political parties in the UK – Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democratics – all believe that everybody should be tolerant towards not only homosexuals themselves, but their actions as well.

When the woman was caught in adultery Christ said He who is without sin should cast the first stone.  Nowadays, the ‘leaders’ of our free, anything goes society do not acknowledge Biblical principles or sin so whatever the Bible says about homosexuality is deemed wrong and intolerant towards homosexuals, yet Christ showed by His actions that He loved the sinner, not the sin.  This is how Christians are tolerant towards homosexuals – loving the sinner but not the sin.

On a personal note I know that my Christian pro-life views have stopped me from getting employment in many cases as my views do not agree with how I am ‘supposed’ to believe.

The Lord said we would have persecutions but nobody would ever have thought that it would be in this way.

Please pray that, in these end times, that all Christians persecuted in similar ways, will find the strength to continue knowing that real Bible believing Christians – not just those who use it for their own ends and think they are Christian just because they were christened as a child but never go to Church except at Christmas, Easter, or for christenings, weddings and funerals – are praying for them.

May the Lord have mercy on us all and not judge our nation as it deserves to be judged.


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