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Norwegian Tragedy


It has been almost a week since nearly 100 people were killed by a lone gunman – see article.  Most of those killed were youngsters, apparently with the youngest being just 14.  The whole nation is in shock and disbelief that someone could have carried out this atrocity, and rightly so.  All life is of value and is given by God.

However, we must not forget that Norway, like the vast majority of countries around the world, has legalised the killing of children by abortion.  According to Wikipedia “Current Norwegian legislation and public health policy provides for abortion on demand in the first 12 weeks of gestation, by application up to the 18th week, and only under special circumstances thereafter.”

As can be seen from the figures here in 2008 Norway killed by abortion 15,956 babies.  Between 1979 and 2008 there have been 434,581 babies killed by abortion in Norway.

Where is the outrage of the public over these deaths?  Who is helping the mothers of these babies come to terms with the death of their children that took place by their own actions and with the sanction of the law?  Who are the doctors that carried out these killings?  Who are the people who allowed these laws to come onto the statue books?  Who are the people who promoted these changes to the law prior to 1979 that have the guilt of so many deaths on their hands?

Only the Lord can heal the hearts that are breaking, whether that be the hearts of those caught up in this recent bombing and shooting tragedy or those whose children died because the law of man was placed higher than the law of God that says ‘Thou shalt not kill’.

Please see May Blossom Ministries – Christian Healing after Abortion if this has made you realise that you also are suffering from the death of an unborn baby that was killed by abortion.

This is the real Norwegian tragedy.



SPUC Evangelicals


I have just seen a video on my Facebook page of an interview between Peter Smith (Secretary – SPUC Evangelicals) and Revelation TV that was done at the SPUC stand at the Christian Resource Exhibition.

I made the following comment regarding his statement about ‘people who have children’.

Peter Smith says that Evangelicals (as well as Roman Catholics, Muslims and Mormons) are having lots of children.

This is not true.

Generally Evangelicals are only having the nominal two, maybe three, children as the rest of the country, and waiting until their personal circumstances are ‘right’ as to when to have them.

When I was the SPUC Evangelical (Voluntary) Development Officer (1995-2001) I wrote the quarterly newsletter and spoke against the use of contraception but this was found to be not acceptable within the Evangelical way of thinking and eventually Peter Smith took over the position and I felt I had no option but to leave SPUC, which is basically a RC organisation.

I am sorry, but until all Evangelicals stop using ALL forms of contraception then they cannot be seen as being pro-life and the killing of children by abortion will still be seen as justified in certain circumstances should contraception fail, even for Evangelicals.

Please read the book ‘Bible and Birth Control’ which can be found at and find out for yourselves how Satan has deceived Evangelicals into accepting something that the great men of God throughout the centuries said was evil.

I also have a page entitled ‘Bible and Birth Control’ that explains how Marie Stopes introduced birth control into the UK against the initial wishes of the Church of England, and how they gradually gave in;