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Welcome to our website.

We are Chris and Grace Mason, a happily married couple.

We  already speak out for the unborn on our United for Life website;  those hurting following a decision to kill a child by abortion on our May Blossom Ministries website; and lobbying organisations on our Make Abortion History website.

However as Christians we also wanted a platform where we could have  a wider remit, including speaking up for Creation and against evolution, as well as commenting on wider issues such as on-line newspaper articles or other media issues that we agree or disagree with.  Although we may make comments directly on-line or in the press we know that about ninety per cent of our comments do not get published, so this site will rectify that.

We trust you will find this site encouraging and informative and look forward to reading your comments, but there are a few ground rules:

We will not publish anything offensive including any swear words.

We will not guarantee that all comments from members of the public will be published.

We will try to be fair at all times even if your comment disagrees with our opinions.

We may have to edit your comments for clarity or space but generally we will leave your comment unaltered.

We ask that you respect our final decision in what we do publish.

Comments are not available on this Home page.


Chris and Grace